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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe landscape

Santa Fe landscape

Santa Fe is so interesting and exciting. The city was established in 1610 and is one of the oldest cities in the country. The elevation is 7,000 feet. Everyone is welcome in Santa Fe. You will not see very many gay flags as they do not need any. Actually it is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the country.

We always stay at the Inn of the Turquoise Bear.

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Marriage Equality on Trial

A book by Kenji Yoshino. Third finger, left hand. If you’re wearing a ring there, chances are that it means more than a bit of metal around your digit.

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Circle City IN Pride’s

Unlike the messages I got from my lesbian separatist community, transitioning is not about copping out or defecting to the enemy camp

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Gay Pride Music Review

Dj Dandy’s top ten for June 2015 01. Lunch Money Lewis-Bills 02. Britney Spears-Toms Diner 03. Ricky Martin Feat. Pitbull-Mr Put It Down 04. Katy Tiz-Whistle 05.

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Boystown the Newest Season

The Word Exclusive: Author Jake Biondi discusses his newest season of Boystown. The Word recently sat down with Chicago author, Jake Biondi

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Latest Issues

July 2015

Love Wins!  U.S. Gay!

I recently came across this article that I think accurately argues the distinction between Human Rights and Religion as it applies to the Constitution of the United States. I found the argument for both sides of the debate to be compelling and thought-provoking so I decided to share it with you. Clear away all the political and religious clutter


June 2015


In 1990, a dedicated group of individuals set out to bring the Indianapolis LGBT Community together unlike it had ever been brought together before. Their mission was simple and to the point: to foster events that seek to educate, honor the history of the LGBT communities and celebrate the diversity of and create unity, in and between


May 2015

Open For Business, Unless

At the end of the day I believe that every citizen should be able to live and work according to their convictions without fear the government will come in and force them to do something contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs; but the nuance between a valid conscientious objection and an arbitrary refusal of service lies in the difference


April 2015

Good Bye! Good Luck!

Ah what to say? The headline I am sure says it pretty much all anyway: it’s my goodbye as this is the final edition of The Word I will be publishing. To some it’s good luck to me for surviving the community (and the community surviving me) for 24 years. And for others it’s “good riddance...please do not let the door hit you on your way out!”